"I feel that music is the most powerful medium in our culture because it is a universal language. Music has the ability to move us into our heart and out of our fears."

Rose Ranger has been on a roll with the release of her new album Confessions with noteworthy accolades from international reviews in music magazines, music blogs and media outlets. Exclaim Magazine’s Eh! List included her new song “Power” on the first day of its release in their Best New Songs From Canadian Artists Spotify playlist; the International Songwriting Competition nominated “Power” as a Finalist in the Adult Contemporary Song Category, while Canadian Beats Media named Rose Ranger as one of the Top five BC Artists in 2022. 

Hailing from Vancouver's North Shore, Rose Ranger's creative process is inextricably linked with the ocean and mountains that are stone's throw away from her front door. Combined with her love of all musical genres and her utmost appreciation for all the creative arts - the blend creates a dynamic vibrancy in her songwriting process. And that sentiment is a testament to her new music. The lush songs are an ode to self-discovery, and to the subtle yet profound moments of life - with the results being unpredictable, vulnerable, strident and sincere. “I was always musical, I didn’t really follow any one type, I absorbed it all. I grew up dancing as a kid: ballet, tap and jazz. And with dancing there is a different style of music for each dance form. With ballet it was classical, tap was mostly Broadway show tunes and jazz dancing had pop and rock. So, I’ve been influenced by a lot of different styles of music and creative art forms.”

Now with six studio albums under her belt, including a Christmas album, the multi-talented artist is thrilled to be releasing new music into the world. This year also marks the 20th anniversary since she released her debut album back in 2002. Rose Ranger’s first single on her new eight-song album Confessions, aptly titled Confession draws on a mix of musical influences from the 1990’s but with a current 2022 era production feel. The falsetto vocals on this track are reminiscent of 90’s era artists like Kate Bush and Prince combined with a catchy piano hook in the vein of Bruce Hornsby and chill lounge pop vibes of Sade. The song is a musical love letter to someone from the past where there was an undeniable chemistry and connection with but couldn’t make it work. “I think most of us have, at some point in our life felt that we weren't ready for a something because we needed more time to get to know ourselves better and figure out what we want,” she says. “Sometimes in the process of doing that we might confuse or hurt people around us because we can’t completely express what we’re feeling because we don’t entirely know either.” The artist has also released an electro pop radio remix of Confession, remixed by Grammy winning Mixer, Phil Larsen of Manhattan Clique who has worked with some of the biggest names in pop and dance music.

Rose explains, “this album similarly titled Confessions - and there are many of them, is about speaking my own truth. It’s about resiliency and learning how to find strength in vulnerability and finding one’s inner hero.” The album was produced by Juno award winner Ryan Stewart and Rose Ranger as co-producer. Together they worked in Stewart’s recording studio last summer through the peak of COVID. 

The artist’s second single single Power is a dynamic and bold self-empowerment track that shows the singer- songwriter’s prowess in creating songs with stylized lyrics and textured melodies. She states, "Power is about speaking truth to those who abuse their power from the personal to the collective. The single is about justice and standing up for oneself. It's about transforming the pain of oppression into something that is empowered. I think of Nelson Mandela's speech about there being nothing enlightened about shrinking yourself into a less empowered version in order to belong or fit the mold. This album is not only about resiliency, but learning how to be more compassionate with yourself and others because everyone is going though something that you probably have no clue about." Confessions searches for strength in vulnerability with an undeniable brave honesty that Rose Ranger is known for. 

In her past, Rose has studied dance, voice and choir, theatre and film acting, creative writing, psychology, philosophy, women’s studies, and neuroscience at The University of British Columbia, Cap U, American Academy of Dramatic Arts and in private classes - but it was with music that she found her path and became determined to write and sing her own songs. Rose taught herself guitar while taking workshops and music classes whenever she could; spending many nights in production studios learning about recording and vocal technique while making songwriter demos. After spending a year in the recording studio, she signed a record deal with Pacific/Warner Music and released her debut album- and she hasn’t looked back since. She has written and recorded with some of Canada's top musicians, toured the world, opened for Keith Urban, has had music featured on key television programs like Dawson's Creek, films such as The Bandit Hound, and many more.

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