May 9, 2022

It's official! Stay tuned for Rose Ranger’s new studio EP that will be available worldwide on June 17th!

May 1, 2022

Rose partners with Sync Vault Music in the UK on her latest music release "Confession (Electro Pop Mix)"

April 26, 2022

Voltage Sound adds "Confession (Electro Pop Mix)" to their Spotify Playlist:


April 18, 2022

"Confession (Electro Pop Mix)" Reviewed in Shaking Godspeed (Indie Music Mag): _x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc


April 14, 2022

Rose inks two sync licensing deals for her new music with companies out of Canada and the US. Stay tuned!

Rose inks new deal for her music catalogue with Word Collections in New York. 


April 13, 2022

Amazon Music Unlimited adds "Confession (Electro Pop Mix)" to their streaming service:

The Quarantine Club FM Podcast adds "Confession (Electro Pop Mix)" to their Spotify Playlist:


April 9, 2022

"Confession (Electro Pop Mix)" Featured in Naga Magazine:


April 8, 2022

"Confession (Electro Pop Mix)" Featured on The Quarantine Club Podcast and Added to Spotify Music Playlist Global Media Pop

The Quarantine Club FM Podcast: Get ready, this podcast is so much fun! 

Global Media Pop:


April 5, 2022

"Confession (Electro Pop Mix)" Added to Spotify Music Playlists 

Fresh Finds Top Hits:

Rogue VHS:

Pop By


April 1, 2022

Out Today! New Electro Pop Remix of "Confession" remixed by Rose Ranger and Grammy Winning Mixer, Phil Larsen of Manhattan Clique! 

Available for download from the website or stream on Spotify


March 23, 2022

Stay tuned on April 1st for the new remixed single “Confession" ELECTRO POP MIX! Pre-Save and follow on Spotify here!


March 16, 2022

Rose is currently at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas with her new music! Check it out on Flickr


March 10, 2022

Check out Rose's latest interview with Indie Artist Buzz about woman making music in the music business today!


March 2, 2022

The International Songwriting Competition nominates Rose Ranger's upcoming second single! Stay tuned for its official release this May! We're keeping the name of it on the low for now, but if you want to find out early then check out the link below.

ISC is excited to announce its official 2021 Semi-Finalists. ISC received over 21,000 entries, and the Semi-Finalists make up only 11% of all entries, so this is a remarkable achievement! Finalists will be selected from this group of Semi-Finalists and will be announced by the end of March. Congratulations to all of our 2021 Semi-Finalists!

Something else is coming down the pipeline first though, so keep an ear out!


February 14, 2022 

New music review feature from Naga Magazine (Greece) and Adds to Spotify Music Playlists

Read the review:

Naga Magazine:



February 12, 2022 

New music feature from OutLoud! Culture (USA) and Radio Humber CKHC 96.9 FM on the Monday morning show February 14th (Canada)

OutLoud! Culture:

Radio Humber 96.9 FM:


February 10, 2022 

New music review feature from Music Mecca Magazine Nashville (USA) and Adds to Spotify Music Playlists

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Music Mecca Nashville:

Fresh Finds Pop:


February 9, 2022 

New music review feature from Zone Nights Music Magazine (Argentina) and Adds to Spotify Music Playlists

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Zone Nights:


Discover Vibes:


February 7, 2022 

New music features from She Makes Music (UK) and The Permanent Rain Press (Canada)

She Makes Music:

The Permanent Rain Press:


February 4, 2022 

New music review feature from lefuturewave (Netherlands)

Read the review:



February 3, 2022 

New music reviews and features from Fusion Nostalgia (USA), Global Money World Music (USA), and Playlist Adds to Frequenze Musicali (Italy) and Pause & Play (USA)

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Fusion Nostalgia:

Global Money World Music:

Frequenze Musicali

Pause & Play:


February 2, 2022 

New music reviews and features from Jansen's Jamz Music (Netherlands) and Adds to Spotify Music Playlists

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Jansen's Jamz:

Sparkling Indie Pop:

Indie Sunset:

Indie & Alternative:


February 1, 2022 

New music reviews and features from Iggy Magazine (Paris), PM Studio World Wide Music News (Japan) and Stir Magazine (Canada)

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Iggy Magazine:

PM Studio:

Stir Magazine:


January 31, 2022 - "Confession" Release

New music reviews and features from Tinnitist (Canada), The Partae (Australia) and Popmuzik (Sweden)

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The Partae:


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