Seasoned Vancouver Pop Singer-Songwriter Rose Ranger pens an open love letter in new single “Confession.” Ranger is back to be sure no one forgets just how versatile and magnetic her sound is. “Confession” is a pure and simple ode to a deeply loved individual, ripe with warm, fluid pop grooves one would expect. Ranger describes “Confession” as a “love letter to someone from the past.” Sounds about right. With soulful and vulnerable lyrics conveying an experience most can relate to. “Confession” is a powerful single leading up to the songwriter’s June album release. - Natalie Wicks, Music Mecca (USA) 

Our top five BC-based artist that we’ve covered in 2022. - Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats Media 

Rose Ranger has a Confession to make in her gorgeous new single and lyric video The Vancouver singer-songwriter’s new single is a musical love letter to the past. - Darryl Sterdan, Tinnitist (Canada)

The Vancouver artist delivers a polished and fresh pop take on celebrating self acceptance with this track "Power", her latest single. - !earshot Distro (Canada)

A touch of lightness has just landed on our ears. "Confession" is a little sweetness, a rare moment of music that does you good and will not leave you unmoved. Without warning, the song grabs you as it exudes a form of beauty and elegance. "Confession" goes straight to your heart. - Iggy Magazine (France)

An emotive beautiful sound is what you get from Rose Ranger on the new song “Confession”. The music truly grabs you right away, because of the love you feel while listening to it. Each element doing its part to feed off the other, while making one sonically stellar sound. The production sets the ultimate tone with a nice 90’s Pop touch to the sound, that Rose’s vocals glide over effortlessly, to deliver the well crafted writing that captures the essence of love songs, to make it a record that sticks with you. Rose Ranger’s “Confession” is an incredible record that makes you want to keep coming back for more to enjoy the magic in the sound, that takes you away with melody this piece of art has to offer. - Global Money World Media (USA)

Rose Ranger reveals glorious single, "Power." A standout track for 2022. - Jennifer Perez, Patch Across America Arts & Entertainment News (USA)

The lyrics are richly meaningful, and the instrumental accompaniment makes it perfectly suited for both pop radio airplay and soundtracks to romantic comedies. The song draws on a mix of musical influences from the 1990’s but with a current “2022” feel. It isn’t often I find a song that combines lyrics and instrumentation in this way, which was why I had to review it. Confession will take you through a journey of self-discovery – trust me on this one! It encapsulates everything we value about good music – it’s originality and performance will make you feel like Rose Ranger is singing directly to you. - Lefuturewave (Netherlands)

Music which is worthy of becoming part of your music collection! - Naga Magazine (Greece)

Rose Ranger reveals her true "Power" on new release. - Crash Bang Wallop Zine (USA)

With the release of her newest single “Confession”, she projects a dreamy sound that will definitely grab your attention. Starting with soothing instrumentation leading onto her sweet and delicate vocals she captures the song entirely. This single will definitely have you vibing and even feeling the urge to really confess to the person you like how you really feel. It would be just great for a day out on the beach or a drive during sunset. Go stream “Confession” and check out her discography which is filled with amazing music. - Fusionostalgia (USA)

The song's absolute greatest strength is the raw and honest feeling in the artist's voice that creates goosebumps. The production is also hovering and ethereal with its fluffy choirs and acoustic piano with great reverb. - Sebastian Sodergren, Popmusik (Sweden)

This versatile artist offers us a sound that knows no boundaries by combining different musical genres. - Julien James Vachon, Direct Actu (France)

Rose Ranger shares her recent material with us, a track that is ready to be part of your collection and is called “Confession”. From the start, that pop atmosphere is perceived, which invites us to continue listening, then a track with good style and a lot of vaporousness continues, something that we love. - Zone Nights Magazine (Argentina)

Her new single blends influences from the 90s with a contemporary feel. Creating a melodic vulnerability by starting with a soft, singular note and her Kate Bush-touched falsetto voice, this tune develops with an airy beat, filling this sonic confession full of chill vibes.  - Jansen’s Jamz (Netherlands)

Rose Ranger intrigues with bold tune “Power.” - Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery Blog (USA)

The sound is dynamic and captivating, made up of different layers that complement the vocal part perfectly. Feel the magic of Electro Pop and forget about everything else. - Tyson Urquhart, Shaking Godspeed Indie Music Magazine (Germany) 

Combined with her love of all musical genres and her utmost appreciation for all the creative arts – the blend creates a dynamic vibrancy in her songwriting process. This song is a testament to all of those influences…get ready for a powerful pop ride. - The Partae Magazine (Australia)

In "Confession", Rose reveals a secret part of herself and shares her wonderful melodies with us. She also has an impressive ability to shift her voice tone, adding extra colour to the whole production. Magic Electro Pop that worths our attention. - Naga Magazine (Greece)

Pop territory, Melodic, upbeat, confident. - Tom Harrison, Vancouver Province (Canada)

A powerful voice. - Michael Edwards, Exclaim (Canada)

A notable Canadian female vocalist. - Scott James, The Q 1003 FM (Canada)

Fearlessly eclectic. - John McLaughlin, Vancouver Province (Canada)


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